Ceol Corvus is a trio of Boston-area musicians who play traditional Irish tunes and songs on a somewhat unlikely but quite pleasing combination of instruments. Their style blends the classic sound of the traditional Irish music session -- something with which they are all very well-acquainted -- with more latter-day influences and arrangements, inspired by groundbreaking groups like Planxty, De Dannan, bohola, and the Bothy Band, among others.

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Photo by Tim Rowell

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Emily Peterson: concertina, whistle--Emily has been a self-taught (or pub-taught) concertina player since 1996, learning Irish tunes in sessions while moving around the US for school and her day job in optical physics. As well as hosting and haunting Irish sessions, she was part of Michigan trad-rock band Pub Domain and enjoys working with various pick-up bands for contra dances and Scottish dances. She relocated from Chicago to Boston's North Shore in 2008 and is fond of hornpipes.
Steve Levy: tenor banjo, mandolin, bouzouki, lead vocals--A musician from age 11, Steve fell in love with Irish music during the 1970s. He has studied with Peter Maguire, Matt Heaton, and the late Tony Cuffe and John McGann. In addition to performing in clubs and concerts in the Eastern US and Canada, Steve has played guitar for the Orion Longsword folk dance team here and in Britain. Recently, he has been the guitarist for singer/songwriter Abbie Barrett.
Sean Smith: guitar, bouzouki, bodhran, lead vocals--As a teenager, Sean abandoned his rock 'n roll fantasies in favor of playing traditional Irish, Scottish and English music, and during college spent a year in the UK and Ireland frequenting folk clubs, festivals, sessions and any other place that didn't mind him hanging around. Moving to Boston in 1981, he became involved in the area's Celtic music scene and since then has performed solo or in various collaborations at assorted venues around New England. Sean is a co-organizer of the annual BCMFest (Boston's Celtic Music Fest), and also served as co-organizer and host for BCMFest's monthly "Celtic Music Monday" series at Club Passim.

Here we are, in all our telegenic glory

We all are experienced performers as well as habitues of traditional music sessions in and around the Boston area. The three of us began playing together through a session at The Mad Raven pub in Waltham, hence the name "Corvus," which is Latin for "raven"; "Ceol" (pronounced "ki-YOL") is Gaelic for "music." Here's where we're playing and/or where we've been:

March 16, 2019--Concert at the Durant-Kenrick House, 4 p.m., Newton, Mass.
--Opened for Maire Ni Chathasaigh & Chris Newman, The Burren Backroom Series, Somerville, Mass.
--15th Annual BCMFest, Harvard Square, Cambridge
--Club Passim Live Music Brunch, Club Passim, Harvard Square
--Wayside Inn, Sudbury, Mass.
--Wellesley Free Library, Wellesley, Mass.
--Not Just Another Coffeehouse, Sharon, Mass.
--Belmont Public Library, Belmont, Mass.
--Open Book CoffeehouseCanton, Mass.
--Inaugural Summer BCMFest, with Flynn Cohen and Joey Abarta, Danny Noveck & Lindsay Straw
--Boston's Celtic Music Fest (BCMFest)
--Inaugural Acoustic Newton Coffeehouse, 2014, Newton, Mass.
--Feile Cheoil Boston 2013 and 2014
-Irish Heritage Festival, Dorchester, Mass.
--St. John's Coffeehouse, Arlington, Mass.
--Labor Day Weekend Campfire Festival, Club Passim, Cambridge, Mass.
--Newton Free Library, Newton, Mass.
--Boston Irish Festival, Irish Cultural Centre of New England, Canton, Mass.
--New England Folk Festival Association (NEFFA), Mansfield, Mass.
--American Roots Music Series, The Real School of Music, Andover, Mass.
--The Real School of Music Faculty Showcase, Burlington, Mass.
--Inaugural NEFFA Pre-Festival Showcase
--MidWinter Coffeehouse, West Newton, Mass.